Yoga with Ivana

Pregnancy Yoga - Part 1: Opening and Softening

This first part of the practice is very gentle and suitable for any stage of pregnancy. It’s all about smooth round movements loosening the tension in the lower back, the hips and the pelvic area. We get the whole body moving, slowly building up intensity though gentle flowing postures.

The practice is gentle and generally safe, however make sure that you listen to your body and stay within the limits of what feels comfortable.

Pregnancy Yoga - Part 2: Warrior Mum

The second part of the practice is perfect for second and early third trimester. It’s a slightly more energetic but still gentle flow based on and around warrior and powerful high squats. The focus is on building strength and confidence. We wrap up the practice with a couple of therapeutic postures focussing on the lower back and hip pain and a nice deep relaxation.

I hope you will find the videos helpful and fun!